About Us

The Massachusetts Sickle Cell Association (MASCA) aims to improve the quality of life for individuals affected by sickle cell in the community. 


Programs and Services


Public Awareness and Education
To increase public knowledge and understanding of sickle cell disease.


Rev. Ron Stephenson Scholarship Award
Educational scholarship opportunities to ensure that individuals living with sickle cell can keep their dreams alive even when facing physical setbacks and economic burdens. 


Support Group Meeting
Community Corner- Let's Talk! Patients and families have the opportunity to discuss shared experiences, get information and have their voices heard.


Emergency Grant Program
The grant provides assistance to qualified patients who are facing housing and food insecurity.


Ambassador Program
Give those living with sickle cell a voice and a platform to share their experiences with the community.


Legislative Advocacy
Our legislative advocacy program focuses on achieving federal and state policies that are critical issues to the sickle cell community.


Young Adult Community Network [YACN]
YACN creates a space, both virtually and in person for young adults 18+ to meet in a fun supportive community, engaging in a mix of event types ranging from social to educational programming, all of which are geared specifically to the challenges they are most likely to face as adults with sickle cell.


The Walk for Sickle Cell Disease is our largest source of revenue.


Thank you for lending your support in our efforts to expand our programs and services.